uk English

Integrated, Contextualized Listening and Reading Practice

Resident characters

Resident characters are used throughout Discover China for the presentation of new language. They play a functional role in providing a basic communicative context for language presentation.


Pre-listening activities are designed to provide focus and situational context for each unit. Pre-teaching of key words familiarizes students with thematic vocabulary as well as linking learners’ prior knowledge to the language points of the unit.


Pre-reading activities are designed to activate students’ background knowledge and schema in regards to the text topic. Target keywords are pre-taught to prepare students for the main reading task.


Reading texts cover a wide range of text types relevant to learners, such as diaries, text messages, thought maps and blogs. Depth of topic coverage progresses at a controlled pace from short, simple text types to substantially longer, more sophisticated reading.

Reading texts cover a wide range of text types relevant to learners

Character writing

In the Writing section, students are taught how to write the most frequent characters. To allow flexibility and further development of character writing skills, the Workbook provides extended character practice of new words presented for recognition purposes in the Student Book. Activities focus on the most commonly used characters, linking to the unit theme and to existing vocabulary with shared radicals.